Summer Reading Club

The theme this year is Game On!!

Children who read over the summer, go back to school better prepared to succeed.  This year we will be encouraging the use of creativity, cooperation, and individuality through play, teamwork and of course reading! This summer our reading club will operate a little differently from previous years due to our need for  Covid-related physical distancing from one another.  We will have lots of fun anyway in the form of weekly challenges and lots of fun activities you can do together as families. Later in the summer, if things go well, we will plan a few events that we can do together outside, safely.  

This year we are starting early on June 1st!! Register and start logging your reading minutes online. You can also choose to track your reading on paper and call the library once a week to update your minutes (403-742-2292).

This year we will show your progress in comparison to other readers in the form of a horse race. You can name your horse after yourself or pick a different name for your horse.The more time you spend reading, the faster your horse will move down the track. At the end of the summer, top readers in each category 5-7, 8-10 and 11+ will win a cool prize. We will also have a draw for participation over the course of the summer. Plus... we are also having weekly prize draws this year for participating in weekly activities (like trying out our challenges or participating in one of our online activities). Just take a photo of yourself participating in the activity and tag us in your social media. If you are not on social media, call the library and tell us what you did and we will enter you in the draw.

Register for Summer Reading Club via our web form or call us at 403-742-2292).

Stay tuned for more information about participating in the club and how to record your reading minutes.