The Stettler Public Library is governed by appointed trustees from the Town of Stettler and County of Stettler No. 6. Library board meetings are open to the public. Our current board chair is Jane Skocdopole and our library manager is Rhonda O'Neill

If you are interested in learning more about the board and/or about becoming a board member please check out our information page or contact the Library Board Chair through the Library Manager for more information.

Meetings and Minutes

The SPL Board meets monthly except during July and August. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM in the Recreation Centre Board Room. Please find minutes from recent meetings below, if you are seeking meetings from an earlier time period please stop by the library or contact us at 403-742-2292.

Board Minutes
   Date Minutes
  Date  Minutes    Date Minutes 
Dec 2023
Minutes    Dec 2022
 Minutes    Dec 2021
 Minutes   Dec 2020 Minutes     Dec 2019  Minutes
Nov 2023
   Nov 2022
 Minutes    Nov 2021
 Minutes   Nov 2020 Minutes    Nov 2019  Minutes
Oct 2023
   Oct 2022
 Minutes    Oct 2021
 Minutes   Oct 2020 Minutes     Oct 2019  Minutes
Sep 2023
Minutes    Sep 2022
 Minutes    Sep 2021
 Minutes   Sep 2020 Minutes    Sep 2019  Minutes
Jun 2023
   Jun 2022
 Minutes    Jun 2021
 Minutes   Jun 2020 Minutes    Jun 2019  Minutes
May 2023
   May 2022
 Minutes    May 2021
 Minutes   May 2020 Minutes    May 2019  Minutes
Apr 2023
   Apr 2022
 Minutes    Apr 2021
 Minutes   Apr 2020 Minutes    Apr 2019  Minutes
Mar 2023
   Mar 2022
 Minutes    Mar 2021
 Minutes   Mar 2020 No Meeting
   Mar 2019  Minutes
Feb 2023
   Feb 2022
 Minutes    Feb 2021
 Minutes   Feb 2020 Minutes    Feb 2019  Minutes
Jan 2023
   Jan 2022
 Minutes    Jan 2021
 Minutes   Jan 2020 Minutes
   Jan 2019

Board Members

  • Jane Skocdopole, Chair (403-740-6346) 
  • Vicki Leuck, Vice Chair (403-501-1329)
  • Barb Gano, Treasurer (403-740-6756)
  • Gord Lawlor, Town Representative (403-740-8305) 
  • Les Stulberg, County Representative (403-579-2403)
  • Gail Peterson, Member at Large (403-740-4328)
  • Ben Ayotte, Member at Large (403-740-9553)
  • Will Brown, Member at Large (403-741-9367)
  • Blake Chapman, Member at Large (403-741-5760)
  • Maria Cara, Member at Large (403-742-2292)

Board Committees

Policy Review: Jane Skocdopole, Ben Ayotte, Blake Chapman, Maria Cara

Personnel/Finance:  Jane Skocdopole, Barb Gano, Les Stulberg, Gord Lawlor

Advocacy: Jane Skocdopole, Vicki Leuck, Ben Ayotte, Will Brown, Gail Peterson

Friends of the Library Representative: Gail Peterson

(403) 742-1400